Why not?… And needn’t be!

Why not I come back home late?

And needn’t answer all questions asked for doing so…

If boys are allowed to hangup with their friends so late,

And when asked… “We went for a late night show!”?


Why not I wear that dress?

And needn’t change them as they ask me to do…

If boys can come out in their knickerbockers, shirtless,

Me wearing sleeveless is unacceptable, boys in that look cool?


Why not I get a tattoo?

And needn’t take permission for getting one…

When my brother was not even questioned once,

And me to not have a tattoo… is that even done?


Why not I spend my money on myself?

And needn’t tell all where I earned all that from…

when a boy can spend his parents money on girls,

a new girl which he brings every month!


Why not I roam about freely in those streets?

And needn’t fear that someone might chase me…

When that same boy is not asked by his parents what he was upto,

But the girl is accused that it was all her fault, What an analogy!


Is that all you talk about equality?


Then why not have shame on us…

And needn’t give any excuses for it,

When can’t we stand up together to fight for the cause,

And make a society that together we knit?


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Analysing Why Rapes take place in India!

Hello All! I was a bit irregular these days because of my final exams… But I am here back now!!

So, I had been selected for a survey regarding Analysing Why rapes take place and life after rapes… So here’s a short writeup summing points up:

1.Why do rapes take place?

Rapes, though, are an outcome of an impulsive act, the genesis lies in a deeper vicious circle of faulty and negative conditioning , skewed upbringing  in the society, lack of education, unemployment , peer pressure and exposure to undesirable content through social media.

2.How can Girls, boys and society be changed:

The change has to start at the level where each parent sensitises their sons towards women, make them empathetic and instil in them the concept of equality of boys and girls.

It is the initial discrimination in the society instilled in the male child which makes him to distinguish himself as the superior sex and the female to be subservient  to him physically, emotionally and economically.

Secondly, but more importantly, it is imperative that the girl child is groomed to be economically independent and emotionally strong to sustain an independent existence. It is only when girls who have till age suffered due to their economic and physical dependence on their male wards, can now have a strong footing if economically independent. The fear of being rejected and divorced had led the woman to bear the injustice ,discrimination and ridicule. But as she now is equally educated, empowered, she faces the world with new confidence.

3.How does media play a role?

Accessibility to media had until now had been restricted to television and news print, but with the increased exposure to internet mediated social networking and the availability of all literature at the click of the button accessible at all levels is proving to be debilitating for the psychological mindset.

Researches indicate that pornographic content on youtube, movies or any other visual media, is desensitising the male youth and making them unable to handle or channelise their instincts.

4.What can Police, Law do?

There are a lot of laws formed in favour of women but its needs proper and speedy implementation. Delay in justice is justice denied. As mentioned in “The Washington Post”, dated 29 December,2012, ‘The country has about 15 judges for every 1 million people, while China has 159. A Delhi high court judge once estimated it would take 466 years to get through the backlog in the capital alone.’

Are we Ready yet?

Looking through the glass window,

I saw myself vaguely,

Rather the outside world better!

Is It how we are?


I guess from the beginning,

In the race to know the outside,

We often miss ourselves within,

We seem to be so unclear!


So unclear,

That we often misjudge our own judgements,

Question our own intention,

Curse our own being!


Things on the outside are appealing,

From that dress to that girl,

Why I am not like her? Is the question,

Get distressed and curse once again!


To fit in this ruthless world,

One seems so happy and satisfied physically,

But is sinking every second within,

Untying a knot towards the lease of life!


I feel, life is a game of hold,

Where you stand on the same starting point,

Depends where you finish!

So, To start the game, always question…. Are we ready yet?


Quote #2

“If you want to bloom like a flower, be ready to face all adverse 
situations… because if you fade, some other flower will bloom where 
once you did!”

Quote #1

Hey All! I will now have a separate section for quotes that i will be publishing weekly… These are all original, which I have been collecting since many years…

Hope you all like them!


Quote#1 :-

Run life like a marathoner, a sprinter ends it up in 9 seconds!


She saw something following her,

Looked behind and she knew it was it,

Her fears that gave her horrors!


The fears instilled in her,

From the time she kept her first step down,

Confined and suffocated inside the four walls!


The ruthless-merciless world waiting for her,

It was a stranger for a new being,

The world she thought she would conquer!

Trekking her path,

Intense did her breath breathe,

The oceans inside her she had to swim- the cyclone on the outside waiting!


But she was determined,

To chase the fears following her,

To conquer the unconquerable!


Nothing was stopping her,

Why can’t she move as she feels…

Only because thats a “she?”


Period?… Period!

Bleed, Bleed , Bleed, Bleed,

And bleeds with her-her self esteem!

Bleed,Bleed, Bleed, Bleed,

And bleeds with her-her every dream!


Day and Night to pity her,

Those dreadful days? Ha! You are the ones who still make her work!

And a sigh when she comes to her office, school or college!

But with a smile she will still acknowledge.


Situations made awkward at every moment,

“She will not be able to shift her chair” Ever ready to give those cliched comment!

So what if she PMS’s ? A day or two that affects,

What about the rest 28, in times you make her life wrecked?


And don’t you forget,

the girl you mock upon symbolises

the power of eternity,

The symbol of the nature,

her flamboyance,

To show her virtue, her feature!


So, Let her “stayfree”, and “whisper” it to all,

Its not a big deal to be pitied upon,

We girls and women, are strong and say,

“ We are incomparable, don’t you find reasons to push us down,

We are Invincible, Sorry if that gave you that frown!”


Guitar and my life

I got my first six string in class eight. I did have an interest for instruments- Had already learnt to play the keyboard till that time, but always had this thought that a string instrument will take a lot of effort from me! Which was true!!

Seeing that I took no interest for it and had kept it aside for it to rust, my mom got me a tutor to coach me with the new six string instrument! The rest was obvious… From class eight to nine- nine to ten! These two years just dragged on and I learnt the basic four chords on it!

Now another chapter started in my life when I started listening to Ed Sheeran! The whole day used to just go on youtube, looking at his videos and songs. I soon realised my craze for him! That was the day and it is today that I have my life that is totally incomplete without my guitars Ed and Sheeran!

Mastering the string Instrument, I was pushed forward to pick up instruments like the ukulele, electric guitar and bass guitar! My life is now dictated by my life- the collection of the instruments I have made! Now I participate and sing and play most of my instruments in competitions, School shows and among my friends, who love my company along with these instruments!



I have walked a hundred miles,

Carrying burdens of sorrows, failures and regrets!

Each step i move forward,

Fear surrounds me-what if I keep on complicating things as i did?


A lesson taught in every class,

if you took notice of it,

of cancelling the numerator and denominator to its simplest form,

The chapter on fractions-look at the simplicity in life, if all of it we knit!


Needless baggage that we carry daily,

and keep on adding two to three a day,

Of guilt and your failures and more to count is aimless,

Make your life from brighter to fade!


From the journey to the destination,

a lot is what you expect,

from progressing to regressing, from your ups to downs,

learn to accept and simplify life- and not it to be wrecked!


Options lay in front of you,

its on you to decide and choose,

That bright burning sun at the horizon,

or the dark endless road- on which you will give up and lose!


Irresistible Pastime

I took a heavenly stroll remembering the irresistible pastime,

The time had come to do so,

In the mornings with my empty heart,

The heart had to suffer the day going through.


With my light feet on the morning dew,

I had to trek many heavy steps,


With the breath in the open air,

I had to take in a lot of stress,


With my eyes closed feeling the winds gushing,

I had to catch a lot that was rushing,


With my fingers dancing on the bushes green

I had to set many things free,


With these I remembered such heavy yet irresistible pastimes,

But the time had come to do so…


With my heavy heart,

Waiting to be set light,


With my worn out feet,

I had to heal the humanity’s seed,


With my breathless breaths,

I had to breathe all I could get,


With my choking self,

I had to resuscitate all that was left,


With my cuffed hands,

I had to free all who had to flee!


With my restless conscience,

I felt the rains falling dense and slow…


With these yet again I remember,

My irresistible pastimes…

The ones which recite my present!