Why not?… And needn’t be!

Why not I come back home late? And needn’t answer all questions asked for doing so… If boys are allowed to hangup with their friends so late, And when asked… “We went for a late night show!”?   Why not I wear that dress? And needn’t change them as they ask me to do… If … Continue reading Why not?… And needn’t be!


Where I lie

Torn up,Between expectations,And capabilities,Whom to prove what I have,Whom to prove what I proudly failed?Whom to falter in front of?Whom to show my strengths I don't possess,Whom to show my shadows that deter me from what I want to achieve?It's me, it's me, it's just me!But I know who stand behind and beside me!Maybe they … Continue reading Where I lie


This song poetry is penned down living my typical-monotonous life... waiting for something new and adventurous to happen! I realise how i have lost on all the hopes and love, and hence seek adventure in bringing those back and weave people and society into that hope and love!

The Element

Meticulously woven senses resides in the prosperous, Revisits the opulent side of it, Where the lack refuses the jouissance, That element! The appetence for the grail beyond avarice, Blinds the avidity proliferating within, Where the sanity hankers for that burgeoning passion, Invites that element! Purpose of thy entity is to ferret about for that element, … Continue reading The Element