A trip down south

On 24th March,2013 I travelled with my family to Chennai to meet our relatives. Southern part of India is known for its rich architectural heritage, with prominent ones being the temples which are epitomes of India’s glorious past. We planned to visit some of them. We visited the Meenakshi temple of Madurai. Madurai is the … Continue reading A trip down south


Don’t Count Your Chicken Before they Hatch

There are several kinds of people about us-some who, are forever planning and so paralysed by their thought process that they just can’t act. And then, there are  people who just jump headlong on hope that their fondest hopes, dreams and plans would be lined up like Paolo Coelho said “And, when you want something, … Continue reading Don’t Count Your Chicken Before they Hatch

!Oxy ‘Moron’!

The ambiguous Mr.Schrödinger, who claimed the poor kitty to be living dead! created a chaos in the Vienna valleys, only if he had not used the oxy ‘moron’ only if he hadn't dared! Then went the cat, to be found missing, the deafening silence down the road, with its absent presence. Mr. Schrödinger being a … Continue reading !Oxy ‘Moron’!

I and We

The word ‘I’ is very odious but the word ‘We’ has power, brings a sense of warmth and fills you with togetherness… ‘I’ makes you selfish, self obsessed but ‘We’ makes you  generous and giving. When you need help, ‘We’ seems comforting and being by your side but ‘I’ looks only for me. ‘We’ is … Continue reading I and We