A Thing Of Beauty

A thing of beauty is joy forever,

the saying that has taken a turn allover!

The deep oceans turning its colours,

the ground beneath thumping in anger.

The majestic sea roaring to surrender

and the mighty cloud crying to thunder.

This is what we have contributed to,

the thing of beauty has lost its all, which is true.

The tiger cried for shelter,

has now become endangered,

the panda on the bamboo tree,

is struggling to set it free.

The peacock dancing in the rain,

the lion with its big mane,

have now to be unchained.

This is what we have done ,

The thing of beauty trying to undo the done.

The animal is a trade,

now meant to fulfil the aimless craze,

trees are vanishing with the blink of the second,

waiting to be beckoned.

This is what we are up to,

the thing of beauty suffering more than me and you!

The sapien is the enemy of the other,

always camouflaging its colours,

he is responsible to make the beauty suffer,

to not to let the other prosper.

This is who we are,

why not change for the one who has given us this power?

Lets now change for the change,

and let us free our thoughts locked in the cage.

let us set all free,

Let us embrace the ones, who’d had to flee.

*written in 2016


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