Don’t Count Your Chicken Before they Hatch

There are several kinds of people about us-some who, are forever planning and so paralysed by their thought process that they just can’t act. And then, there are  people who just jump headlong on hope that their fondest hopes, dreams and plans would be lined up like Paolo Coelho said “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. Is it so mathematical? Well, the idiom-don’t count your chicken before they hatch possibly motivated this famed author to say so!

I feel, this mathematical certainty doesn’t exist. Faced with challenges, one must optimistically fight, but one should be a realist-what if, the blessed plan fails? Would the approach of counting in your chicken before they even materialise not be like that of a compulsive gambler who has gone over the edge, betting on the monies he hopes to get from a lottery, sinking ever more deeper?

However, when I say one has to be a realist, one must have a healthy balance of optimism and faith that even a formidable challenge can be overcome-but at the same time one has to have a healthy dose of scepticism. One may hope to tame a black mamba, but to take it as a pet one can play with on this hope, with abandon won’t be a good idea. Similarly, when one has to take decisions which would impact life and death of others, one has to be cautious.

But if one were ever so cautious, would space travel or victory over the depths and heights of this planet possible? Moonshot was declared by the US president almost a decade before Neil Armstrong took that small step for the mankind on lunar surface. The technology which could have enabled this didn’t just exist. But this declaration committed a legion of scientists and engineers to invent the methods and make it possible. One must, however note that the president knew that he was depending on so many nascent technological developments to mature successfully before they could take that shot on moon-but the country did count in their chicken before they hatched. But they didn’t put man on the top of their rockets before they ensured that every thing worked reasonably well.

History is full of such examples where a dream spurred inventive people to solve otherwise unsolvable problems-but taking a risk which endangers life or limb without preparation and backups isn’t a good idea.


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