My dreams and my hopes

“Hope is not a dream, but a way of making dreams become reality.”

Isn’t it interesting to note that hopes and dreams are way different yet alone without the other? As children, we were always told to have an aim in our lives- hopes and dreams… We were told to dream, to aspire, to achieve and to accomplish- thats the need of the hour- to survive.

The sapiens race was meant to be at the top rung of the society-be it be the times of evolution of the species or times now.Everyone even as of today have dreams and the journey leading to that destination-hopes!

Even I was brought up the same way. But as a child, i did not get the purpose of dreams. What i knew was, the ones you see at night while sleeping. I remember, that whenever asked about what i wanted to become or a dream that could come true, i had an instant answer ready with me- A teacher! or the dream of visiting the Disneyland(though i still have that in my bucket list)!  That is what every child “dreams” to become and to accomplish.

That dream was followed by another dream of becoming an astronaut which further depending on the subject i liked in school!

This is what everyone faces during their primary stages.

I believe , the realisation of dreams and the importance of hopes is understood in either of the two ways.

Firstly, it is when you realise your talents at the right stage and work upon it, being determined to make that your strongest quality which couldn’t be challenged by any.

Or it is when the opportunity has already knocked at your door- you were sleeping and lazy to respond, thats when some other takes the advantage of your opportunity and you repent of not having any dreams and how futile your life has been.

Dreams are like hard nuts to crack! You have to be determined all through. Dreams in other terms can also be referred to as hurdles.These challenge you, only if you have solid hopes to push you through these hurdles, you achieve.

I realised my dreams in class 7. That was the first time when i received the first prize in poetry writing competition.I worked towards gaining fame through writing and speaking.But i did have a change in my dream. A slight change that i was made to identify with during my switchover into adolescense.

As a privileged citizen, i realised the importance of being able to bring about a change- designing a change in the society for which we are endowed by a higher level of intellect as humans.

No one is less than a Mandela or Hawkings, it is just how determined you were till the last. It is when you were broken but still pushed yourself altogether. It is the time when you give up, not realising how close you were to success when you ‘just’ gave up. Edison could have given up at the 1199th attempt! But that hope and trust within you that keeps nudging you to not to stop trying…. this attempt will be successful- brings about all that change.

The quote by our ex- president Dr. APJ Abdul kalam that keeps my hopes and dreams alive is “ If you want to shine like the sun, burn like the sun.” Thats when your signature turns into an autograph. The attitude makes all the difference…… Dream to achieve.


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