!Oxy ‘Moron’!

The ambiguous Mr.Schrödinger,

who claimed the poor kitty to be living dead!

created a chaos in the Vienna valleys,

only if he had not used the oxy ‘moron’

only if he hadn’t dared!

Then went the cat,

to be found missing,

the deafening silence down the road,

with its absent presence.

Mr. Schrödinger being a cheerful pessimist,

started to feel the comfortable misery,

risking his career on the kitty’s hand,

which would lead to intense apathy!

The paradox was a work of true fiction,

with the thought experiment and the superposition!

the cat was found missing

only of the oxymoron and the paradox parody superstition!

alone together,

the beggarly rich,

paid the price of

the living sacrifice!

Look at the power of deliberation of oxymorons

thought provoking ,openly deceptive,

to save yourself,

dare to use them.

this was a genuine imitation,

an accident on purpose,

only if the oxymoron was not clearly misunderstood

wouldn’t have created any ruckus!


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