Its Perfect, Its flawless…

she was dressed all good,

but had to get the tinge of makeup

so that she could face the world’s face!


Why? Was it her fault?

Yes! Why did she follow her dreams?

Thats her Fault!

Why did she want to dream?


Worry not…. She’ll answer it all

She has come out of her carapace,

to answer you all!


Why? Whats wrong with her?

Did she run out of her makeup!!

Day gone bad… right!


She was asked not to speak up…

This is where she went wrong

only if she…


“He threw Acid on my face, and not my dreams” she spoke up!

All set still

she continued,

My soul is my destiny…

My body is the approach!

I was born to dream and the medium of inspiration.

I did what threatened those!


What was My fault?

I was made to believe: Dreams…

Not only dreams; i followed my dreams…


Did you get your answers?

Thats where your fault lies…


This is a tribute to all our brave women,

who have struggled and struggling to recognise themselves…

or rather making those recognise them and answering where their fault lies!




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