Hey! I guess you have some time now,

as you are reading this poem!

Though still busy on an i-pad or a phone or a laptop,

but still you have some time out for this one,

As you read along…

I will tell you your daily monotonous life,

here it goes:


You get up in the morning,

have a cup of hot tea,

maybe in your balcony smelling that sweet smell of the grass,

a newspaper in your hand,

you get up now,

ready up for your office,

have breakfast…

“Bye!” to your wife, kids, mom, dad maybe!


Have a busy day in office,

come back tired and start complaining about some colleague’s promotion!

Your kids come up to you but you ask them to go away,

You are irritated…

You’ll cry upon the food prepared!

You will not talk to anybody and go to sleep.

The next morning you wake up…

And this is the cycle which many of us go through, many a times…


Now just imagine,

a soldier half sunk in the Siachen!

while you are placed comfortably in a cozy room in the month of December and whining over a petty issue…

He has no choice but wants to serve his country,

The families and then his family!


Even his kids want to see him and tell him so many things!

About their friends, their coming first in the class,

His wife fears on the conditions her husband has to withstand,

his parents are very proud of him… but his mother prepares his favourite laddoos and weeps as she rolls each one of them…

His sister is still collecting rakhis… one day he would return…


Just imagine how cruel a man could be to a man!

just imagine, and think,

how small does each of our problem becomes!

A soldier is not complaining…

he is standing in front of those heavy bullet laden guns,

and with pride he says: That the last breath he takes…will be in the arms of his motherland!


It is not necessary that you need to go individually thanking each soldier,

but pray for them, their families,

stop complaining and talking about menial issues that would be forgotten the other second…


What we can do is to do what they are doing at a larger extent…

work for the society,

thats what you are born for,

thats what makes us different from the animals…


Till date, what i believe

the true superheroes are guarding our borders,

while we sitting here are no less than animals!


Make a difference,

make a society in which a soldier feels proud to serve for!




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