Just That Way!

Its the time of the day,

get up and start the play,

the clock’s ticking away,

you got to run the way!


Cause thats the way!


The seas are rising and falling just that way,

the moon’s just gone behind,

the sun will rise that way!

it will rise that way…


Cause thats the way!


Not going to follow the rules,

Meant to break and set new,

I am to set my destiny,

Writing some history!


So make your way!

Shine that way!


If not me then who?

Who is to work that too,

Its just the time to shine,

Making a name of mine!


Name will shine that way!


That feeling inside me,

always saying to me,

get up and take the call!


The moment is now,

not tomorrow, not someday,

right here get the start,

its your moment to shine!


Cause thats “just the way!”


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