Where did we lose our manners?

Were we ever taught what manners are? Were we ever defined what sorry, please or excuse me meant?   We might have been told… But did we lose these words while playing hide and seek? Or were these three golden words just sold?   I have hardly seen people apologise, Or to be excused if … Continue reading Where did we lose our manners?



  Like the endless laughs of the infant, Like the first step of a toddler, Like the limitless demands of a child,   Like the wants of a person Like the dreams of an aspirant, Like the joy of an achievement,   Like the ink flowing from the fountain pen, Like the endless thoughts swimming … Continue reading Unbounded


Each day, each hour, each minute, each second, I am engaged within some thoughts!   Whether I am what to be, or someone still ought to be, When will I find myself?   Answering these questions seems to be a herculean task, these thoughts which will determine my future and have my past!   Resting … Continue reading Engaged