Where did we go wrong?

I was a part of all those talks, I was there through all those rough times, I had lost all of me in you, But where did we go wrong?... That you couldn't understand me, That you couldn't find me!   I was there all through the downfalls, I became another soul of the same … Continue reading Where did we go wrong?



We all are underdogs in the game of life, No winners, no losers, the game of chance, One step that gets you through the race, Another can bring you down!   We all are the underdogs in the debates with the infinite powers, No for or against to go, What one believes is true, The … Continue reading Underdog 

First Shayari

I got inspired by reading some amazing "shayari..." So here's one I tried writing! हम निकले थे उस राह पर अपना नाम ढूंढने, हमे क्या पता था वह राह गुमनाम निकलेगी!