Where did we go wrong?

I was a part of all those talks,

I was there through all those rough times,

I had lost all of me in you,

But where did we go wrong?…

That you couldn’t understand me,

That you couldn’t find me!


I was there all through the downfalls,

I became another soul of the same being,

I had given my all to you…

But where did we go wrong?

That you couldn’t know me…

That you couldn’t stand up with me?


Were you there when I couldn’t get along?

I thought that we both did belong,

Were you there when I got lost?

I thought this relationship we had, would not have cost!


But I was wrong…

This was a heartbreak for me and not for you…

So why shall I think and cry over it all through?


I know I am strong all the more,

And I will never let it happen to someone to deplore!







We all are underdogs in the game of life,

No winners, no losers, the game of chance,

One step that gets you through the race,

Another can bring you down!


We all are the underdogs in the debates with the infinite powers,

No for or against to go,

What one believes is true,

The other might differ on your being pro!


We all are the underdogs in the game of cards,

Its your luck… which cards make you up!


We all are the underdogs in the play of the divinity,

The puppets in his hands,

The clay to be moulded,

It depends on how the fate moulds you up!

On how the destiny lays your path!



Those Traditions!


Do you remember?

When you used to run out of the house while raining and jump on that puddle?

When you used to make a paper boat and put an ant on it to sail?



Do you remember?

When you used to open the fridge half open to check when the light goes off?

When you used to press all the buttons in the lift?


Do you remember?

When you were asked not to eat the laddoo from the plate that was kept aside as the serving of God, but you did!

When you tried walking up the escalator coming down?


Do you remember?

When you used to Balance the switch to see what happens to the light then?

When you used to chip a bite from the ‘kulhar’?


Do you remember?

When you used to challenge your friend and “the person who loses is the ‘Monkey’”… and actually teased him then for months?

When you used to climb up the slide?


Do you remember?

That this was you all these years but these memories fading!

These moments that we do not pass on!

Where did we lose our traditions?

What is Humour?

What is humour?

When someone cracks a joke and you laugh your guts out?

When someone says you look gorgeous but you know you don’t?

Or when you pay for a comedy show, laugh your guts out again!


But I think that isn’t humour!

I think I know what humour is…


I know what humour is,

When the world comes down to its feet,

when the seas roar in thirst,

and the sun bursts in pieces…


I know what humour is,

When the clouds cry for water,

the grass looks for its lost colour,

When the trees shrivel up and tell you “ Meet you when all this ends”


I know what humour is,

When the blue skies turn black,

And Vulcan spits out the lava lying within,

when the glaciers loosen themselves up.


I know where the humour lies,

in the eyes of the human,

in the greed of the human,

in the being of the human!


Lets laugh on it now!

 *I want to tell through this poem that humour these days is made of the nature, the resources, the world that gives us bounties to enjoy! We are not realising what joke we are making out of these already exhausted resources! So it is actually a sarcastic poem!