via Daily Prompt: Proclivitya href="">Proclivity</a> Hunting for proclivities is a fun job and a thought to be pondered upon! One may have a proclivity to sit down serene and calm, whereas the other likes to be pleasing himself by causing harm! One may have a proclivity to chew his nails off, or the other to … Continue reading Proclivity


Tiffany Chic

36-24-36? The Vital stats that interests, judge her on that and fake her along, but don’t you mistake her… She is that tiffany with her mind twisted!   Blonde hair, skin tanned dark, long skinny legs and a tattoo on her shoulder… but don’t you try to play with her…She is that tiffany with her … Continue reading Tiffany Chic


The fittest who survives, thats what that revives, that soul which resides, to have his say, now to be pacified…   Each second can test you anytime, to survive is the game, a bluff or the cards that could defy your luck to survive is the race!   In this selfish world, no-one stands by … Continue reading Survival