Irresistible Pastime

I took a heavenly stroll remembering the irresistible pastime, The time had come to do so, In the mornings with my empty heart, The heart had to suffer the day going through.   With my light feet on the morning dew, I had to trek many heavy steps,   With the breath in the open … Continue reading Irresistible Pastime



Chaotic Shapes


Finished the drawing last night.

Never really know what to say or explain after a drawing. I’ll do my best to explain this one.

At the beginning of creating this piece of art, like always, you never know what the final product will look like. You can have ideas and use your imagination.

But however, if you give up on something, nothing will be achieved. This drawing was quite fun to create in the process.

Before making a drawing I have no idea, or plan to what’s next to create. It kinda happens in the moment. I look through pictures and focus on certain things.

Looked through 100’s of pictures and usually there’s one that catches my eye.

This one caught my eye and I sketched this one. It’s as if the drawing lured me in and I didn’t choose the drawing. This life happens to you and everything is…

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