Irresistible Pastime

I took a heavenly stroll remembering the irresistible pastime,

The time had come to do so,

In the mornings with my empty heart,

The heart had to suffer the day going through.


With my light feet on the morning dew,

I had to trek many heavy steps,


With the breath in the open air,

I had to take in a lot of stress,


With my eyes closed feeling the winds gushing,

I had to catch a lot that was rushing,


With my fingers dancing on the bushes green

I had to set many things free,


With these I remembered such heavy yet irresistible pastimes,

But the time had come to do so…


With my heavy heart,

Waiting to be set light,


With my worn out feet,

I had to heal the humanity’s seed,


With my breathless breaths,

I had to breathe all I could get,


With my choking self,

I had to resuscitate all that was left,


With my cuffed hands,

I had to free all who had to flee!


With my restless conscience,

I felt the rains falling dense and slow…


With these yet again I remember,

My irresistible pastimes…

The ones which recite my present!


18 thoughts on “Irresistible Pastime

  1. tanishq says:

    I’ve put your recent posts on my website,and mentioned you in my latest blog post. I don’t know if it will help much,as I have just started out, but Its a small attempt from my side to appreciate your content…

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