I have walked a hundred miles,

Carrying burdens of sorrows, failures and regrets!

Each step i move forward,

Fear surrounds me-what if I keep on complicating things as i did?


A lesson taught in every class,

if you took notice of it,

of cancelling the numerator and denominator to its simplest form,

The chapter on fractions-look at the simplicity in life, if all of it we knit!


Needless baggage that we carry daily,

and keep on adding two to three a day,

Of guilt and your failures and more to count is aimless,

Make your life from brighter to fade!


From the journey to the destination,

a lot is what you expect,

from progressing to regressing, from your ups to downs,

learn to accept and simplify life- and not it to be wrecked!


Options lay in front of you,

its on you to decide and choose,

That bright burning sun at the horizon,

or the dark endless road- on which you will give up and lose!


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