Guitar and my life

I got my first six string in class eight. I did have an interest for instruments- Had already learnt to play the keyboard till that time, but always had this thought that a string instrument will take a lot of effort from me! Which was true!!

Seeing that I took no interest for it and had kept it aside for it to rust, my mom got me a tutor to coach me with the new six string instrument! The rest was obvious… From class eight to nine- nine to ten! These two years just dragged on and I learnt the basic four chords on it!

Now another chapter started in my life when I started listening to Ed Sheeran! The whole day used to just go on youtube, looking at his videos and songs. I soon realised my craze for him! That was the day and it is today that I have my life that is totally incomplete without my guitars Ed and Sheeran!

Mastering the string Instrument, I was pushed forward to pick up instruments like the ukulele, electric guitar and bass guitar! My life is now dictated by my life- the collection of the instruments I have made! Now I participate and sing and play most of my instruments in competitions, School shows and among my friends, who love my company along with these instruments!


36 thoughts on “Guitar and my life

  1. Anindya says:

    Good to know about your love for the guitar, Radhika and Ed…..being a music fanatic, the majority of my music choice is acoustic, and there are such endless amount of great guitar playing available in music…’s mind boggling……all the best with your guitar playing, play it to your heart’s content and play it good……:)

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  2. Jayshree says:

    My god..I love your company too. When are you playing for me. *JEALOUS * lol when will you play and I get to hear you. Acoustic is beautiful soothing. See I knew it… You are a Star:)
    Lots of good wishes

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