She saw something following her,

Looked behind and she knew it was it,

Her fears that gave her horrors!


The fears instilled in her,

From the time she kept her first step down,

Confined and suffocated inside the four walls!


The ruthless-merciless world waiting for her,

It was a stranger for a new being,

The world she thought she would conquer!

Trekking her path,

Intense did her breath breathe,

The oceans inside her she had to swim- the cyclone on the outside waiting!


But she was determined,

To chase the fears following her,

To conquer the unconquerable!


Nothing was stopping her,

Why can’t she move as she feels…

Only because thats a “she?”


46 thoughts on “She!

  1. Life's Truth says:

    Very important topic Ms. Radhika…. I do not agree with “Why can’t she move as she feels…Only because that’s a “she?”……… It is not because of being SHE it is because HE is not real HE… this society has always made man and women distinction… this society has taken the freedom and created the boundaries, suppressing the energies makes even intelligent human to commit rape or harassment with women.. But society has left no other ways. It has forced the man into such a condition that he simply explodes like a volcano. Seeing a woman in a lonely spot he forgets the consequences. He forgets hell, God, The Bible, Gita, Kuran, Temple, Masjid, Religion, court, constitution; he forgets everything. “He is not in his real self,” he is not himself; “he becomes almost like an animal.”… Society creates this kinda situations in women life…
    Completely the society is responsible for the whole thing… her fear is obvious..
    True and nice post..

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