Are we Ready yet?

Looking through the glass window,

I saw myself vaguely,

Rather the outside world better!

Is It how we are?


I guess from the beginning,

In the race to know the outside,

We often miss ourselves within,

We seem to be so unclear!


So unclear,

That we often misjudge our own judgements,

Question our own intention,

Curse our own being!


Things on the outside are appealing,

From that dress to that girl,

Why I am not like her? Is the question,

Get distressed and curse once again!


To fit in this ruthless world,

One seems so happy and satisfied physically,

But is sinking every second within,

Untying a knot towards the lease of life!


I feel, life is a game of hold,

Where you stand on the same starting point,

Depends where you finish!

So, To start the game, always question…. Are we ready yet?


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