Thats What we call School Life!!



Student life… A life all you elders remember,

only ask the child what he goes through,

with the exam tension, then the D-day to the PTM…

-confidence that hinders!!


12 months that we count,

and a time table set for the top results…

only we know the first day we make the time table…

-the day before the examination does the preparation start!!


Waiting from the day we enter school,

two classes that we want to skip,

and when actually reach the class we dreamt of in being…

-A milestone-The journey through which we all time trip!!


Wishing every time that the school hours just were for two hours…

with the break time being about an hour past half,

but the bell which goes out after twenty minutes sharp,

and the history period lasting for 45 mins… Thats a routine very cunningly choreographed!!


Day after day submitting those “Handwritten projects”,

And PPT’s that have additional 5 marks,

When you needn’t feel the necessity of making the project

and having full confidence on your marks…

-And the day you realise that those 5 marks can make you pass!!




From Friends to the canteen bunking,

from pooling in money every time to fooling the canteen uncle,

From that PT period to those Maths practicals,

From catching the bus last minute and making everyone late to the home time bus pranks!!


Who would actually not want to relive these moments…

When I sometimes get tired of my school life and sit back and think of all of these,

my last year in school…

What will happen to me when i grow old?


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