The day… I was told!

Younger times, years ago, My father told me to do something all remember, which they don’t know… these days and nights which i must reap, I’ll work on it when all sleep!   He said, make your life to remember, make no-one forget these, select your moment and, make them live free!   Days, minutes, … Continue reading The day… I was told!



Imagine there’s no border Its easy if you think, Nothing to divide and rule for, And no such news which makes you sink, Imagine all the people dying to let us live!   Imagine there’s no money Its easy to live if you try, Nothing to bridge gaps between people, And tears that all share … Continue reading Imagine

Black bird

Dead that night could be, breathing on the blackbird’s notes, as she sang… reciting the song she wrote!!   Crackling fires and a river flowing a side, winds that gave shivers and a tree on which the black bird cried!!   Wanting you to fly with her, amidst that dark screaming dead night, she felt … Continue reading Black bird