Tick tock – tick tock,

Runs you past,

With it you run the cycle of life,

Born and die and reborn!

Tick tock – Tick tock

Chases your worth,

With it you spend and make a name,

It can even churn you in the cycle of the search!


Time can bring you down-

To your knees,

Time can build you up-

Heights you reach!

Time can smoke you out-

Drain and saturate,

Time can lave you free-

Opportunity knocks and goes… you still await!


Time can be a tough game-

Each second values worths,

Time can be a rough game-

Seconds, minutes you curse!


It will keep on ticking-

Tick tock – Tick tock,

Its upto you if you want to stand out-

Or be the part of the flock!


Play wise and keep to every second pass by,

Live your life- not someone else’s…

Don’t just keep counting and let your life pass you by!


Image credit: Tumblr


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