Yesterday once more!

Never had thought that it will be so difficult to accept that I will move out of my school in just about four months… Today was so difficult to sit down and pen down few words on my school journey- This is a poem I wrote for all my friends, my teachers and all who made me what I am today!



Amidst the memory lane I try to walk down,

I sit and cry and laugh out,

From what I were to how I grew,

Its the journey I had set in this school!


From the happiest days to the ones I dreaded the most,

From the secret letters and songs we wrote,

When I remember these…

I owe it all to my friends and foes!


From my best friends to those who made me know,

Life isn’t what I thought of, there are highs and there are lows,

I maybe not what others want me to be,

But they were always there to see me grow!


From a girl who hated attending school,

To the one who looks forward for every working day,

How shall I tell myself-

My friends and teachers and all who I know… have always been there!


How I enjoyed moments of joy and regret,

From student politics to the petty, lame fights,

And discussing the latest memes and jokes we owned,

And bunking classes because my friend won’t feel right!


All day chattering and blaming the course so lengthy,

Promising that we would start studying right today,

To facing each other and laughing the next day,

And texting each other evening long, planning travelling together from Venice to Noway!


From the exam preparation to calculating marks for the extra mark to pass,

From discussing amongst our friends to how to face the teacher in the class,

And the Day of our lives when our parents arrive,

The day when all our future’s decided- Trust me how we face this D-Day of our life!


How can I miss the songs we sing all day,

From ABBA to Pink Floyd and Knocking on heavens door,

One song which we sing today and will make me miss these memories we made,

Its surely “Yesterday once more!”


-Radhika Mishra



11 thoughts on “Yesterday once more!

  1. tanishq says:

    These are exactly the type of conflicted emotions that I have towards school ending.
    But let’s hope, the future brings many more happy memories!
    Let’s go out into the world, and show them who we are….
    To the future!

    Liked by 1 person

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