Pc: Alex Markovich "One must not get influenced by what they do!They are already muddled up following twenty others!" Pc: Alex Markovich



Where I lie

Torn up,Between expectations,And capabilities,Whom to prove what I have,Whom to prove what I proudly failed?Whom to falter in front of?Whom to show my strengths I don't possess,Whom to show my shadows that deter me from what I want to achieve?It's me, it's me, it's just me!But I know who stand behind and beside me!Maybe they … Continue reading Where I lie


This song poetry is penned down living my typical-monotonous life... waiting for something new and adventurous to happen! I realise how i have lost on all the hopes and love, and hence seek adventure in bringing those back and weave people and society into that hope and love!