Maybe its still the same all these years!

A very Happy New Year to all you Lovely bloggers! This year I thought to start with something new in the poem style! This piece might get depressing… but Wait! there’s something waiting in the end… Please do comment on how it was! I just tried my bit- please do give your comments so that I can continue on experimenting such ways! And once again.. A very Happy New Year!!



Things are beautiful!

And for good!

Things Change…

Few hours of the year begun,

First day of the year,

First month of the year,

18 years of my life,

What has it taught me?

Maybe to wait another year!

Maybe to thank the year for making me survive what I wanted and what I feared of,

Maybe making new plans while what I made were already incomplete … and I knew of it!

Maybe helping me think its all faded and lonely!

But still to continue!

Maybe it makes me stronger!

Or maybe makes me a fool of me!

Who knows?

Everybody knows!

Its the same for me and you!

Its aimless in impressing people!

In being the perfect for all- as they define it to be

What all matters is the naked man and woman,

Who know raw beauty,

Will it be the same if we were skin bare?

No colours

No scars

No burns

Just the blood red heart?

Will it make a new year a beautiful year

I want it to be!

Maybe these years made me think too much

More than those stupid resolutions…

I wanted humanity 

And I prayed for it every year!

Has it changed?

Maybe its all the same!

How does that sound? Depressing?
Give it a try from down to up!


14 thoughts on “Maybe its still the same all these years!

      • Akshay kumar das says:

        You’re welcome, it’s my pleasure, being 500th follower,
        Writings are something which we say our thoughts in written form, when people read and like them.. it’s not that your writing win here.. Your thoughts the content..
        Good effort…
        Keep writing and keep having the random musings as your tittle depicts.
        All the best !!


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