Tinkle Dust

How beautiful it is when I dream of you,

Just you and me,

And the sandy beach,

And the waves crashing our feet!

How beautiful it is to imagine us together!

No time to hurry,

But the whole world still,

Just the waves crashing!

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How beautiful were those moments,

When we talked of who has more flaws,

And who’ll make the better partner,

Just the overwhelming breeze would answer!

How lovely was it when you caressed my hair,

On releasing that the winds were messing with them,

And then you pulled me closer when 

The wave tried to knock me over!

How soothing was it to see the sun set,

Like our troubles did when we were together,

And the stars shine, just the sounds of the waves and

The breeze would tell us we are alive,

Rest all dark and black!

You and me in the arms of that cool, dark, starry night,

And I in yours!

But there was still something missing,

I couldn’t connect with you!

You were lost somewhere else all through!

Maybe I was busy making those perfect-fancy-fantasies,

And you were the prince of someone else’s…

Probably you didn’t much belong to mine!

Still then, I would love to be the bridesmaid of her story!

That what makes us happy!

And how we happily live ever after!

Coz what matters is that you never let me down,

And now its my turn to 

Find you your dream story and your perfect-fancy-fantasy!

PC: Tumblr


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