Now Cry me a river!

Bottles of champagne,
and cigarettes ima smokin’
tracks of Thomas Wayne,
Life seems to be jokin’

diamonds on tha floor,
gucci and versace’s tags off
my bit***s layin’ around,
with bottles of smirnoff!

wearin’ those hot pants,
but yep im a virgin,
life be me mockin’
these bit***s have ruined me- and that is for certain!

Vogue’s and dunhills and marbloros we smokin’
all broke up with bfs and
and love that left us broken…

Fendi scarves and Hermés coats lyin’
those dresses and rings he went on buyin’
Those are all mine now- all that i got em,
not my fault for all that fuc**n’ mayhem!

Texting me like you own me
and sending me those esprits,
calling my friends as if
they wont no tell me!

Grow up and find another who’s waitin’
that bit*h who is ready to fu**n’ spread it,
Ima be Ms. how the Fu*k does that bother,
go get her and fuc**n’ tie her and tether!

You think I’ve changed and u mean me no business,
my life be waitin’ to fu*k all your wishes,

you mean no nothing and i be a feral,

Fu*k all your dreams and fu**n’ -fakin your life so not real!

See me, curse me , the way I’ve been,
Thats all what you’ve been seein’
how does it burn you and give you the shiver,
thanks dumba*s thats because of ya! Now cry me a river!

Pc: Tumblr


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