Inevitable helplessness!

This poem is just a reflection of what I had been exactly feeling since a month! It just got building up till I had to sit and introspect and pen it down. What exactly here is that life isn’t easy, it’s merciless, it’s unfair… the inevitability cannot be escaped! What I did to fight it was giving another meaning to inevitability! Why can’t we bask on a beautiful inevitable journey rather than complaining that it was of fate and destiny that did not let you win! What life demands is hard work and your share of sacrifice… rest has to move on and go on! Fearing losing out- on life or a loved one, it surely is inevitable… but why can’t we stop thinking of what has to happen and just live our moments to make memories?

Inevitable helplessness :

When the clock keeps on ticking,

And the sand seems to be slipping,

The inevitability,

Seems to be consuming!

When the winds brush by,

And the waters recede,

The inevitability 

Seems to accede!

When the sun seems down,

And the oceans move still,

The inevitability,

Seems to consume the will!

When the clouds won’t shed,

Another drop of rain,

And peaks seem at heights to achieve,

The inevitability 

Seems to conceive!

When the birds won’t chirp,

And the winds don’t blow,

The inevitability,

Seems to steal the gusto!

When the castles go down,

And every breath is costing life,

The inevitability,

Seems to hold your hand and refuse to get by!

When life lets you lose,

The battle to win,

And the will to live is standing to leave you still,

The inevitability,

Drills within and inside it kills!

Life is a one moment game,

When you cry-someone is happy,

When you laugh-someone is grieving,

When you lose-someone just won

When one dies-somewhere it has taken a rebirth!

But life is just testing,

The pressures you can go through!

Because Life is beautiful… 

make each moment to remember,

So that if you lose,

With a breath of relief and eyes closed,

You recount on your inevitable journey and get your pending rewards and dues!


8 thoughts on “Inevitable helplessness!

    • ❄️Radhika❄️ says:

      Hahaha! I feel it sucks for all! It isn’t an easy bite of a delicious piece of cake we see from the outside the perfect bakery in Paris ! It’s tough! Give a beautiful meaning to it and let things go as they do! Have faith if not on god then on the eternal energy channelising a meaningful way to life!

      Liked by 1 person

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