It isn’t it always!

When you give your best

And the luck seems to fail,

And the wanderer down the road

Strums another tale!

When the prayers are heard 

But don’t come showering down

And another girl cries 

For that balloon and frowns!

When the song seems perfect

But the rhyme doesn’t match

And you see the goal,

But derail and detach!

When you love someone 

But don’t get it back

And you see that light

But it all turns black!

When the baby got the perfect smile

But you fail to understand

And the poem made no sense

Even on a dreamy land!

When you want to cry

But tears won’t roll

And the pipe you smoke

Doesn’t gear your soul!

When you have innumerable questions 

That consume each bit

And the question of life

Asks you to commit!

When the bridges seem to burn

And the strings cut em off

And the sorries seem to be

Another love song!

When you search for meanings

And get blinded by the haze

And then it strikes and meanings change 

As It isn’t it always! 


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