I am not always wrong

I may fight 

I may lose

The battle to prove

I may stand

I may fail

What they say is an easy sail

I may skip

I may drown

They may complain that I frown

I may waiver 

I may faulter

Doesn’t mean I will slaughter

I may risk

I may rest

Even before the final test

I may fly

I may leap

Even when down with breaths and sleep

I may walk

I maybe slow

Not necessarily following the flow

I may test

I may willingly choose the wrong track

I got the power to retract

Let me test

The waters depth

When I got some time and rest

But I’m pulled

And I’m locked

Coz they think I’m flowing the flock

Maybe if I be too confined

I will break

From the destination and the will of new opportunities to take

I need time

I need space

I wanna sometimes quit the race

I need support

I need trust

Before I see this world with disgust

I maybe just me

That what makes me strong

I feel this time… I am not always wrong!


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