The Element

Meticulously woven senses resides in the prosperous, Revisits the opulent side of it, Where the lack refuses the jouissance, That element! The appetence for the grail beyond avarice, Blinds the avidity proliferating within, Where the sanity hankers for that burgeoning passion, Invites that element! Purpose of thy entity is to ferret about for that element, … Continue reading The Element


Analysing Why Rapes take place in India!

Hello All! I was a bit irregular these days because of my final exams... But I am here back now!! So, I had been selected for a survey regarding Analysing Why rapes take place and life after rapes... So here's a short writeup summing points up: 1.Why do rapes take place? Rapes, though, are an … Continue reading Analysing Why Rapes take place in India!