Don’t Count Your Chicken Before they Hatch

There are several kinds of people about us-some who, are forever planning and so paralysed by their thought process that they just can’t act. And then, there are  people who just jump headlong on hope that their fondest hopes, dreams and plans would be lined up like Paolo Coelho said “And, when you want something, … Continue reading Don’t Count Your Chicken Before they Hatch


My dreams and my hopes

“Hope is not a dream, but a way of making dreams become reality.” Isn't it interesting to note that hopes and dreams are way different yet alone without the other? As children, we were always told to have an aim in our lives- hopes and dreams… We were told to dream, to aspire, to achieve … Continue reading My dreams and my hopes

Developing Civic Sense for Clean India

Take a train journey to the seat of India’s political power-New Delhi, or fly in to Mumbai-India’s financial capital-stagnated, smelly pools of water, mountains of waste and countless thousands of unplanned construction euphemistically described as JJ clusters (Jhuggi-Jhopri clusters) greet you. Drive in to Bangaluru, the Indian Silicon Valley or Kolkata, the Cultural capital of … Continue reading Developing Civic Sense for Clean India