Master war or master love!

How will it matter at the end of the day When I will question if I hit someone  or I snapped on him at the bay! How will things change if I say That I made someone cry Or would have I acted differently if the day could replay! How will it affect someone  When … Continue reading Master war or master love!


Inevitable helplessness!

This poem is just a reflection of what I had been exactly feeling since a month! It just got building up till I had to sit and introspect and pen it down. What exactly here is that life isn’t easy, it’s merciless, it’s unfair... the inevitability cannot be escaped! What I did to fight it … Continue reading Inevitable helplessness!

Tinkle Dust

How beautiful it is when I dream of you, Just you and me, And the sandy beach, And the waves crashing our feet! How beautiful it is to imagine us together! No time to hurry, But the whole world still, Just the waves crashing! Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset How beautiful were those moments, … Continue reading Tinkle Dust


This song poetry is penned down living my typical-monotonous life... waiting for something new and adventurous to happen! I realise how i have lost on all the hopes and love, and hence seek adventure in bringing those back and weave people and society into that hope and love!