It does not matter that you were able to rise up to the top rung, what matters is how majestically you rose up!


Now Cry me a river!

Bottles of champagne, and cigarettes ima smokin’ tracks of Thomas Wayne, Life seems to be jokin’ diamonds on tha floor, gucci and versace’s tags off my bit***s layin’ around, with bottles of smirnoff! wearin’ those hot pants, but yep im a virgin, life be me mockin’ these bit***s have ruined me- and that is for … Continue reading Now Cry me a river!

Tinkle Dust

How beautiful it is when I dream of you, Just you and me, And the sandy beach, And the waves crashing our feet! How beautiful it is to imagine us together! No time to hurry, But the whole world still, Just the waves crashing! Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset How beautiful were those moments, … Continue reading Tinkle Dust