Imagine there’s no border Its easy if you think, Nothing to divide and rule for, And no such news which makes you sink, Imagine all the people dying to let us live!   Imagine there’s no money Its easy to live if you try, Nothing to bridge gaps between people, And tears that all share … Continue reading Imagine


Quote #3

Life’s a door, if one way shuts... open it up again... it’s just a door! #Define life!

Black bird

Dead that night could be, breathing on the blackbird’s notes, as she sang… reciting the song she wrote!!   Crackling fires and a river flowing a side, winds that gave shivers and a tree on which the black bird cried!!   Wanting you to fly with her, amidst that dark screaming dead night, she felt … Continue reading Black bird

Quote #1

Hey All! I will now have a separate section for quotes that i will be publishing weekly... These are all original, which I have been collecting since many years... Hope you all like them!   Quote#1 :- Run life like a marathoner, a sprinter ends it up in 9 seconds!


She saw something following her, Looked behind and she knew it was it, Her fears that gave her horrors!   The fears instilled in her, From the time she kept her first step down, Confined and suffocated inside the four walls!   The ruthless-merciless world waiting for her, It was a stranger for a new … Continue reading She!


I have walked a hundred miles, Carrying burdens of sorrows, failures and regrets! Each step i move forward, Fear surrounds me-what if I keep on complicating things as i did?   A lesson taught in every class, if you took notice of it, of cancelling the numerator and denominator to its simplest form, The chapter … Continue reading Simplify