Astray Mind

Upon the crossroads of tussles,

Strikes the lightening of agony,

Virulent the question destroys,

The mindfulness!


Ferocious hounds consume the ability,

The direction waivers its destination,

Upon that nimbus that halos the mind,

Lets the comportment depart. 


Rendered by the hands-

powers that thou operates,

Struck by the strident voices,

Sibilant consciousness numbs the sanity!


Grounds crack upon the veneer,

Visages slithers past thy needs,

Folks and lords camouflage their roles,

But the neurotic sense knows it all!


A puppet conforming to thou master,

Master wrecking each modicum of thy resilience,

Let thyself assuage from clutches of such marionettist,

Let this persona regain its mind!


Race of Races*!

*each of the major divisions of humankind, having distinct physical characteristics.

Black– of the very darkest colour owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light; the opposite of white?

Brown-of a colour produced by mixing red, yellow, and blue, as of dark wood or rich soil?


White-a member of a light-skinned people, especially one of European extraction?

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( Look for the prettiest one out!… Confusing now?…

Okay! look for humanity… Its still alive! We can try to make things right)



I looked up for the meaning of these words…


These words which have determined and questioned the humanity…

These words which which have proved not our state of mind, but insanity!


We grew up learning each chapter in geography referring to a separate section of the native people and their skin colour,

Always putting up the image that the duller the colour, all the more duller!


From the models on posters to television advertisements,

From how to have a fairer skin to using a product and fetching around compliments!


I believe we all are running the same race…

Of having a better skin tone, of having that appealing face; staggering round and round in the world of chemicals, praying for some miracles!


Somewhat happens in other parts of the world…

But not fronting!


They spend their vacations on beaches,

Happy to be all skin tanned…

Where we put centimetre thick sunscreen…

They spray their medium intensity carrot, chocolate and vanilla tan of the expensive most brands!


What discrimination do you talk of?

Of a fairer skin on darker?

What would have the world been..


Only if the darker to fair would have ruled!

Today the world would have had been a different place…

Let us accept each of our skin tone and let fraternity embrace!


Let us end this race and differences on our skin tone,

Because of such… let not the humanity mourn !


The fittest who survives,

thats what that revives,

that soul which resides,

to have his say, now to be pacified…


Each second can test you anytime,

to survive is the game,

a bluff or the cards that could defy your luck

to survive is the race!


In this selfish world,

no-one stands by you,

let him talk all flattery, but don’t go by his words…

remember the game of survival… the one among  the herd!


Smoke it out,

or drain yourself off,

its your way…

your means to survive.