What is beauty?

On being asked this question by my teacher, it really made me think that we define beauty on a very shallow basis! Many of us will still define it to be: Not the physical beauty but the inner one! Even i was trapped under the same definition... But on questioning myself on this very question … Continue reading What is beauty?

Black bird

Dead that night could be, breathing on the blackbird’s notes, as she sang… reciting the song she wrote!!   Crackling fires and a river flowing a side, winds that gave shivers and a tree on which the black bird cried!!   Wanting you to fly with her, amidst that dark screaming dead night, she felt … Continue reading Black bird


I had poisoned myself within… with those becalmed thoughts stirring a whirlpool, i was caught in that whirl!   I was marooned in that island, I had to set my sail to survive, the poison was consuming me, I was paralysed!   Deserted within my reclusions, I realised my inner being, I moulded my residue … Continue reading Poisoned