It does not matter that you were able to rise up to the top rung, what matters is how majestically you rose up!


Black bird

Dead that night could be, breathing on the blackbird’s notes, as she sang… reciting the song she wrote!!   Crackling fires and a river flowing a side, winds that gave shivers and a tree on which the black bird cried!!   Wanting you to fly with her, amidst that dark screaming dead night, she felt … Continue reading Black bird


I had poisoned myself within… with those becalmed thoughts stirring a whirlpool, i was caught in that whirl!   I was marooned in that island, I had to set my sail to survive, the poison was consuming me, I was paralysed!   Deserted within my reclusions, I realised my inner being, I moulded my residue … Continue reading Poisoned