Broken armour!

Like a spring she launched! With all the pressure we confined her... She conserved those and with the thrust she moved way above what we imagined! With the broken armour which we attacked on... She learnt to fight the worse! Now she is invincible... Try breaking her! With all the charge she thunders! The same … Continue reading Broken armour!



She was pressed within the creases of life, She was sewn into the fabric of the society, She was driven into deep lies, She was lied on the truth of her existence! She was broken, she was tied, she was helpless, she was right! She then jumped- on what burdened, she then crossed- on all … Continue reading Leap!


She saw something following her, Looked behind and she knew it was it, Her fears that gave her horrors!   The fears instilled in her, From the time she kept her first step down, Confined and suffocated inside the four walls!   The ruthless-merciless world waiting for her, It was a stranger for a new … Continue reading She!