What is beauty?

On being asked this question by my teacher, it really made me think that we define beauty on a very shallow basis! Many of us will still define it to be: Not the physical beauty but the inner one! Even i was trapped under the same definition... But on questioning myself on this very question … Continue reading What is beauty?



I have walked a hundred miles, Carrying burdens of sorrows, failures and regrets! Each step i move forward, Fear surrounds me-what if I keep on complicating things as i did?   A lesson taught in every class, if you took notice of it, of cancelling the numerator and denominator to its simplest form, The chapter … Continue reading Simplify


  The hue in the sky perfect dull black with a blue and a tinge of pink, Singing the song for a new day, Telling you to start your new way!   It gives you another day, Another chance, another moment to set things right Another way to correct your plight!   Wake up along … Continue reading Dawn