What is beauty?

On being asked this question by my teacher, it really made me think that we define beauty on a very shallow basis!

Many of us will still define it to be: Not the physical beauty but the inner one!

Even i was trapped under the same definition… But on questioning myself on this very question i came up with this…

” Beauty is an echo of your comeback after a setback! Its how beautifully you handled yourself through the difficult times and brought yourself to a stage you are known for!”

Everybody faces a challenge and a difficult time- its a part and beauty of life… But some surrender and some take it as a challenge to make it their move and have that beautiful comeback!

Whats your move?


Tiffany Chic

36-24-36? The Vital stats that interests,

judge her on that and fake her along,

but don’t you mistake her… She is that tiffany with her mind twisted!


Blonde hair, skin tanned dark,

long skinny legs and a tattoo on her shoulder…

but don’t you try to play with her…She is that tiffany with her rules to rule!


Short dress and a black leather jacket,

with the net stockings and leopard patch boots!

but don’t you try to bluff your friends by her… She is the tiffany,

perfect in every way but hard to get!


She’s classy and strong,

but can easily be hurt…

but don’t you try out there… She’s the tiffany chic, who can bloody handle you out! !!!